Useful links to world-wide electronic music resources (freeware/shareware software, MIDI, manufacturers, magazines, ...)

(Last revision April 28th, 2003)


 Music Sites

All you need for music

Music Authors

Georg Oeing. A lot of Korg i-series styles

Software Authors

Walter Schurter, Software for Windows CE 3.0 and eVB on a Compaq iPAQ 3630 Pocket PC
Alain Fraysse Korg-i File Editor for i3, i40 and i30 families
Milan Markovic's ISTYLE. Korg programs for managing Korg i-series files
Ralf Schiller. Styles, Prog., Arrangements, Software for Korg i30, links 

Software Freeware/Shareware Sites . Some of the best shareware on the internet

Completelyfreesoftware from Australia

DaveCentral! New Linux software archive as well as the Windows archive

Freeware-Guide. Dozens of freeware/shareware sites addresses

Harmony Central. Music Software/Computer Site

Italian MIDI. The Italian Midi and digital music resource

Shareware Music Machine. The World's Biggest Music Software Site

Listed more than 10000 applications

Synth Zone. Synthesizer & electronic music production resources

WinSite. Software, shareware for downloading


Korg Canada

Instruments, software, documentation, digital recording

Korg Italy

Italian  distributor, software, documentation

Korg Japan

World-wide Korg distributors 

Roland Germany

German distributor

Roland Italy

Italian distributor

Roland Japan Co. 

World-wide Roland representatives

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