i40RTCv40 Readme

i40RTCv40 version 4.0, 2004
Author Carlo Petrini
All Rights Reserved


Real Time Control software for i40M, iS35, iS40/50 of Korg. Vers. 4.0, 2004. Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP.

i40RTCv40 (i40 Real Time Control, Version 4.0) is a Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP operating systems shareware programme devoted to control via MIDI the i40M Arranger and iS40/50, iS35 Keyboards of Korg (*) in the Arrangement Play, Song Play, Program and Global working modalities. It can also be used for managing the files arr, sty, prg, bsq, gbl and for importing the files arr, prg, sty of i30 and arr, pcg of old i-series.


The programme is distributed compressed as zip file (i40RTC40.zip).

Run the Setup.exe programme and follow the instructions.


The application can be removed by doing the uninstallation procedure from the Control Panel.

To remove completely the programme cancel manually the installation folder.


In some cases (very rare and for reasons not yet known) when loading a Style into an i40M the arranger could stop working. To restore the normal working conditions it is necessary to turn off and on the power. In more rare cases it is necessary to restore into the i40M the factory preset data using the appropriate floppy-disk (see the User Manual of i40M).


Personal Computer with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP operating systems equipped with a MIDI interface Sound-Blaster or equivalent.


The programme is SHAREWARE and FREELY distributable.

Non registered copies have some functions disabled (among them Save, Save As and Print, only 5 arr file names can be stored in the i40DBArr file, part of editing pages are not enabled).

To have the programme without limitations you have to register it paying the author a fee of 30 Euros.


The User's Guide is available on line under the menu bar "?".


The i40RTCv40.zip package consists of the following files:

i40RTCv40.cab Installation/programme file package
Setup.exe Installation Programme
Setup.lst Installation File
i40RTCv40-Leggimi.txt System information (Italian)
i40RTCv40-ReadMe.txt System information (English)
i40RTCv40.exe  Application
i40RTCv40-Abstract.txt  General Description (English)
i40RTCv40-Generale.txt General Description (Italian)
i40RTCv40-Licenza.txt License Agreement//Warranty Disclaimer (Italian)
i40RTCv40-License.txt Accordo di Licenza//Warranty Disclaimer (English)
i40RTCv40-GuidaUtente.txt User Guide (Italian)
i40RTCv40-UserGuide.txt User Guide (English)
i5ArrA  Arrangement Data Bank A
i5ArrB  Arrangement Data Bank B
i40Prg  Program Data Banks A, B, C, D, E
i40Sty  Style Data
i40Multisample  Multisample Data
ASYCFILT.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
COMCAT.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0
COMDLG32.OCX Microsoft VB 6.0 ActiveX Control Control
MSVBVM60.DLL    Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
STDOLE2.TLB Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
OLEAUT32.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
OLEPRO32.DLL  Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
SETUP1.exe Installation file
ST6UNST.exe Uninstallation programme
TABCTIT.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
TABCTLR32.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
VB6STKIT.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
VB6IT.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll
WINSKIT.DLL Microsoft VB 6.0 run-time dll


The Visual Basic modules are property of MICROSOFT CORPORATION;

(*) Korg is a registered trademark of Korg Inc. Japan.

(**) Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP are registered trademarks of MICROSOFT CORPORATION.

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